Tottenham Hotspurs v Burnley 1970

Tottenham Hotspurs v Burnley 1970
Tottenham Hotspurs v Burnley 1970
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Football League Division One       

TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v  BURNLEY                  

Saturday 7th Nov 1970.

Season 1970/71

Volume 63 - Number 25

Pages - 15 including covers

Condition - Good (see below)  

An official programme for Tottenham Hotspur's 

Against a range of possible ratings EXCELLENT / VERY GOOD / GOOD / AVERAGE / POOR , 

I have described the programme's condition as Good There are minor faults.

E-mail me for a fast reply to any query.

A great piece of 1970's football memorabilia 

Detailed Condition Report


Creases                                  -   cover surface creases  .

Writing                                    -  None. 

Staple rust/bleed                    -  None.

Rips/Tears                              -  None  .

Marks/Stains                           - None    

Punch/drawing pin holes         -  None.

Packaged and sent in a suitable protective wrapping and card-backed mailer.

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